What Superhero Do You Want to Be Today?

Superheroes are more popular than ever these days, and so are superhero costumes. In fact, some action film actors joke about how easy superheroes have it – all they have to do is put on a superhero outfit with built in muscles, like Captain America, and they’re good to go, where action heroes have to work out and train hard. We think action heroes are cool, but men in tights, like Superman, X-Men, Spiderman, are just tons of fun, and who doesn’t want to pretend they are their favorite hero, puffing out your chest as you fight for truth and justice?

DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics have all fueled the popularity of superhero costumes, but did you know that Popeye is actually considered the first superhero? He ate spinach instead of putting on tights, but Popeye is considered the precursor for all the superheroes and superheroes costumes that have come since.

Superheroes costumes are enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity thanks to the success of movies like X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman, the Green Lantern, the Incredible Hulk and Avengers. With more superhero movies headed to the theater each season, our kid an adult superhero costumes won’t go out of style any time soon.

But it doesn’t stop there. Because superheroes aren’t limited to those with big muscles and big guns. What about those with brains and gifts, like Harry Potter? Or just somone with a big heart fighting the good fight like GI JOE?

So, when you feel like it, get out there and dress like Batman, Batgirl, or even one of their nemesis! Hey, it’s your choice. Costumes make everyone feel like a different person and slip into a fantasy world. Who do you want to be today?



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Halloween is Here! New Coupon Codes!

Have you thought about Halloween yet? Maybe you want to be a character from one of the great blockbuster from this summer? Avengers? Avengers Movie
Maybe you are so excited about the return this fall of Walking Dead that you too want to participate in the zombie craze taking over the nation! Walking Dead Zombie
Whatever you want to be this Halloween season, from the tradtional witch, to your favorite character, to something fun, sassy, sexy or cute, we have it. So check out all of our new items!

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Star Wars – Episode 1 – 3D Movie Costumes

Lucas is reinventing his venerable Star Wars franchise once again with the release of Star Wars: Episode 1 in 3D this upcoming February 10th.  He will not really be changing any of the scenes, but has completely remastered the film in 3D. Although here at Costume Nation we are not the biggest fans of later Star Wars trilogy, we are looking forward to seeing what Lucas and his studio did in the 3D reproduction. There is no doubt that if this 3D version is successful that is will lead Lucas to remastering the other Star Wars film into 3D which will be sure to be a hit with the kids and will continue to make Star Wars costumes the most popular costumes year after year.

Anakin Skywalker Child CostumeAdult Jedi Robe

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Early Costume Sale

BIG Costume Sale: Save 15% site wide through 9/11 at midnight. Just use coupon code EARLY15 and save big!

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Shark Week Is Upon Us – Check Out All The Shark Costumes

Shark week has become a yearly national phenomenon, wherein we get to travel to the depths of the ocean, with overly courageous cameramen, to get a glimpse of the shark in their natural habitat. Our request for shark costumes always go sky high during shark week, and thus we thought we would show off some of our more popular shark costumes.

Adult Shark CostumeBaby Shark Costume

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Buy a Call of Duty Costume for Halloween

What do you think of when you hear the terms; Modern Warfare, World at War, Black Ops, Zombies, etc.?   That is right, Costume Nation would like to pay tribute to perhaps the best video game franchise of all time; Call of Duty.  What better way to pay homage to this epic first person shooter than by sporting a Call of Duty Costume this coming Halloween?

Call of Duty CostumesCall of Duty was created by Ben Chichoski which first began as a Computer game, but later made its way to consoles most notably for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.  If you have not heard of Call of Duty, you must not be into video games.  The Call of Duty lineup is a classic that has multiple game plays to fit anyone’s character.  Whether you are looking to play a story, online against friends, family, or strangers, or if you just want to shoot Zombies – you cannot go wrong.  From Kids to Adults, and Boys to Girls, Call of Duty has become a household name and game for the family to enjoy.  So what makes this game so special?

To be short, the game is flat out addicting.  It’s a drug. It sucks you in and will not let you out until the network goes down (Sorry Playstation 3 owners J).  All joking aside, there appear to be two different areas where people get addicted.

1)      Zombies.  Zombies is a game play where you (and teammates, if you so wish) must fight off zombies and navigate your way through levels wherein you receive points which allow you to access different levels of the map.  The levels are seemingly endless and this is addicting because you always want to one-up your friends, family, or even your personal best.

2)      Prestige.  The term” Prestige” is awarded to you play the multiplayer online game play wherein you join a server with others from around the world and are split up into two teams.  The goal is to get as many kills (with the least amount of deaths) so that you not only help your team win games, but also to increase your levels.  There are 55 levels to pass, at which point you receive a “Prestige” rank emblem.  You can “Prestige” as many times as you want – and therefore – like Zombies, the more times you have “Prestiged”, the more bragging rights that you have.

Call of Duty has received a lot of press for wasting away the lives of youth around the world.  At the end of the day, children, teens, and adults do spend much time playing video games such as Call of Duty, however, there are positives that come out of this.  For one, it can promote interaction between friends and family members.  It is very common for brothers, sisters, and friends to get together and play Call of Duty all while having fun.  Additionally, it keeps everyone out of trouble.  Would you rather have your child, sibling, spouse, friend, etc. out causing trouble on the street or playing Call of Duty?  The key here is moderation.

With that being said, Costume Nation would like all of you to consider a Call of Duty Costume this coming Halloween.  Whether it is for a party, get-together, or Halloween, you cannot go wrong. We highly recommend one of our Military Costumes or Army Costumes to pull off the look that you are going for.  We carry both Men’s and Women’s – so you need not worry!  Purchase some of our Call of Duty Accessories to really dive into character. And don’t forget to memorize the memorable lines from the video games – that will surely get people laughing the night away!

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Funny Adam Richman Man Vs. Food Costume Ideas will Devour Halloween!

72 Ounce Steak & Sides. 150,000 Scoville Unit Atomic Wings. 2 + ½ Pound Sandwich and Fries.  What do all of these foods have in common?  Adam Richman, or “Man”, devoured these food challenges as audiences around the world watched in disgust, amazement, and admiration.

Adam Richman Man vs. Food CostumeWe may not have any real superheroes in our society – but I think is safe to say that Adam Richman is one of the closest that we got!  And this is why Costume Nation forsees’ Man Vs. Food Costumes taking a huge bite out of Halloween sales this year.

If you haven’t caught on already, Adam Richman is the host of the oh-so-popular hit TV show on the Travel Channel called “Man Versus Food”.  The concept behind this show is simple; Adam Richman represents ‘Man’ and battles against famous food challenges around the world.  If Adam Richman completes the challenge, ‘Man’ wins.  If Adam Richman is unable to complete the challenge, ‘Food’ wins.  With the support of local crowds and an appetite beyond belief, Adam Richman has pulled off some of the most difficult challenges in the world.  It may not be the most appetizing sight – however, it is undoubtedly amazing.

So you may be asking yourself – How can I dress like Adam Richman this Halloween?  The answer is simple; Check out our Man vs. Food Halloween Costume Ideas!

Okay, so these are not Official Man vs. Food Costumes, however, they all have one thing in common; they are types of Food! There are nearly 200 variations for anyone in the family (Men’s, Women’s, Boy’s, or Girl’s) to choose from.  Below are just a handful of clever Man vs. Food Costume ideas for you to digest;

  • Couples Man vs. Food Costume – Perhaps you and a friend, spouse, etc. can tag team a Man vs. Food costume.  One person would represent “Man”, while the other can represent “Food”.  Perhaps wearing name tags would be most appropriate. You can battle all night long as Man takes on Food.
  • Costume Blood Man vs. Food Costume – Perhaps you can buy some costume blood and squirt it over your Food Costume.  This will give the appearance that you and the food costume that you are wearing have been battling.  In other words, you (Man) are in a war with the food you are wearing and blood trails are proof that this is truly a battle.
  • Name Tag Man vs. Food Costume– An easy way for you to pull off the Man vs. Food Costume would be to wear a name tag on the back of your Food Costume.  Perhaps you can just use the name “Adam Richman” (which has become a household name by now), or you can literally put “Man Vs. Food”.  Another alternative might be “Man Wins!” or “Food Wins!” as these are popular quotes throughout the tv series as well.
  • Rip and Tear Man vs. Food Costume– Going along with the Costume Blood idea above, you could also take it one step further and rip you costume and make ‘black top marks’ on the shoulders to give the appearance that you got in a fight with the food.  If anyone asks you what happened, you can simply reply “I got in a fight with Food … but Man won!”

The ideas are endless and however you approach your Adam Richman Costume you will surely not regret it.  Not only will you be paying tribute to one of the most ridiculous shows of all time, you will also be able to spark conversation with all of your friends and family.  For example “Dude, do you remember when Adam Richman ate that spicy curry and he started to tremble because it was so spicy?!”.

So feed your appetite this Halloween and show food who is boss by purchasing one of our Food Costumes this Halloween!

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Buy Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Costume Ideas

The Royal Wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton turned out to be more than anyone could have asked for.  This is why Prince William Costumes will be one of the most popular outfits this Halloween.

The Royal Wedding was beautiful.  It was emotional.  It was absolutely remarkable any which way that you spin it.  The buzz that the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton created online was like nothing before.  According to TechCrunch , eBay Searches for Royal Wedding related products are up 1815% in 2011.  In other words, this is a clear indicator that Prince William Costumes and Kate Middleton Costumes will thrive this coming holiday season.

So what made The Royal Wedding so popular?  Well for one, Prince William has been in the publics attention since he was a child.  In other words, the public watched Prince William grow up and therefore audiences around the world felt a connection with him.  Perhaps the most obvious reason, though, is that The Royal Wedding really symbolizes the “dream wedding” of many individuals around the world.  Audiences around the world seemingly were able to live their lives through Prince William and Catherine Middleton on this momentous occasion.

So how can you dress up like Prince William?  Though there is no such thing as an Official Prince William Costume from manufacturers (not yet, at least!), we do have a handful of suggestions that can work for you or your little ones.

Adult (Mens) and Kid’s (Boys) Prince William Costume – Baby Blue

Adult (Mens) Prince William Costume – White

Now, how can you dress up like KateMiddleton?  Your best bet would be to get a normal wedding dress, but do not know how practical this is considering the price tag!  However, you should consider one of our Kate Middleton Corpse Bride Costumes.  This will put an extremely fun twist on the plain wedding dress.  Below are a couple of options:

Adult (Womens) and Kid’s (Girls) Kate Middleton Corpose Bride Costumes – White

In the perfect world, You and your Wife (or You and your Husband) would be able to wear a Prince William Costume and a Kate Middleton Costume.  This will surely steal the show at any Halloween Costume party.

So what are you waiting for?  Live your Royal Wedding this Halloween by purchasing one of our Royal Wedding Halloween costumes!

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Charlie Sheen Costume Ideas for Halloween – Buy One Today!

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood CostumeWant to dress up in a Charlie Sheen Outfit but don’t know where to start? Luckily, Costume Nation has plenty of unique and fun Charlie Sheen Costume Ideas for you to choose from.  You may be wondering, why would anyone want to dress up like Charlie Sheen?  Haven’t you seen the news?  Charlie Sheen has seen more news time in the recent months than he has throughout his entire career.  Most notably for his recent interviews and famous quotes, we are positive that Charlie Sheen Costumes will be prevalent this coming Halloween.

If you aren’t quite sure who Charlie Sheen is, does Wall Street, Major League, Hot Shots, Scary Movie 3 & 4, or the TV hit series Two and a Half Men ring a bell?  These are only a few of the many roles that Charlie Sheen has played throughout his acting career.  Born on September 3rd, 1965 as Carlos Irwin Estevez, (Charlie Sheen is his Celebrity name), Charlie Sheen has recently been associated with more negative press than anything else.  These negative aspects of his life include marital problems, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, job loss, etc. With that being said, Charlie Sheen has still been able to make the public laugh (albeit even if this is not intentional).

Alright, enough about Charlie Sheen’s life, and on to what you came here for; Charlie Sheen Halloween Costume Ideas!   Below are a handful of Charlie Sheen Costume Ideas for you to run with.

  • Charlie Sheen can oftentimes be seen wearing suits and ties.  Simple and plain colors – nothing fancy.  All you would need to do is pick up a couple Costume Accessories such as glasses or perhaps a Costume Wig.  We would recommend putting a name on the back to ensure that people know that it is indeed Charlie Sheen Costume.
  • Cut out the face of Charlie Sheen and hold it in front of yours.  Perhaps you can buy one of our Costume Masks and just paste the image of Charlie Sheen over it.  You may still need a Costume Wig to pull this off!
  • Check out one of our Tiger Costumes. Charlie Sheen has associated himself with tigers on many occasions.  Perhaps you can get a tiger suit and put a name on the back saying “Charlie Sheen Drinks my Blood” or something of that nature.
  • Buy the Official Charlie Sheen Mask which will soon be launched by costume manufacturers.  There is still no release date, however, you should be able to expect this before Halloween.
  • You can dress in regular clothing but paste the hundreds of popular Charlie Sheen Quotes from around the web.
  • Create a Charlie Sheen T-Shirt (perhaps iron his face on it) with your favorite quote.  Perhaps you could paint red around your mouth to reference his famous “Tiger Blood” quotes (referencing Bloody Mary’s since he claims that he no longer drinks alcohol).
  • Charlie sheen has played numerous roles in shows and movies.  Perhaps finding a character like “Major League – Wild Thing” could provide you with enough uniqueness to pull off a full costume.
  • The cheapest option would be to wear regular clothes but act crazy and recite his quotes.  This way, people cannot knock you for not wearing a costume.  Instead you get to be comfortable in your own clothes yet make people laugh by the classic Charlie Sheen quotes.

The above are only a few Charlie Sheen Costume Ideas that we could think of.  We imagine that people will get very creative this coming Halloween and we hope that you send us pictures of yourself in your creative costumes (even if it is not a Charlie Sheen Costume).  Drink some Tiger’s Blood – and Goodluck!

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Sexy Playboy Costumes Will Surely Turn Heads

Looking to explore your naughty side for a costume party or this coming Halloween?  If this is the case, we have the perfect idea for you.  Our Sexy Playboy Costumes will surely get you noticed and make you stand out in the crowd.

Playboy-Bunny-CostumePlayboy, founded by Hugh Hefner in the 1950’s, is one of the world’s most well known brands in America.  When you think of characteristics of Playboy’s brand, what do you think of?  Most will agree on the following: sexy, beautiful, revealing, sophisticated, naughty, and many more.   Luckily, with our brand new Sexy Playboy Costume line you can wear and personify these characteristics whenever you choose.

So what Sexy Playboy Costume is right for you?  Well, luckily we have broken them down by category for your convenience.  Are you looking to be your favorite character from a TV, Book, or Movie?  Or perhaps you want to celebrate a Holiday of some sort?  Whatever the case, this is a quick way for you to figure out the best “look” for you.

You may ask, well what is the difference between a Playboy costume and the normal “Sexy” Halloween costumes?  The answer can be found in the branded Playboy Bunny logo on every Skimpy Playboy Costume.  Compare a costume to a purse and think what the most desired brands are (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, etc.) Well, Playboy is the costume version of these luxury brands.

We highly recommend that you also look into a sexy jacket of some sort to help keep you warm for your party or Halloween.  These costumes tend to leave a lot of skin open to the elements, and as a result, it is important to remember to be comfortable.  You don’t want the shivering cold to potentially ruin your night.  Instead, plan on purchasing a small jacket of sorts to accompany your Sexy Playboy Costume.

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